About Neuwoehner

School Profile

Located in Town & Country, Missouri, Neuwoehner High School educates students 14 to 21 years with a range of disabilities. Students attending Neuwoehner live in several nearby school districts: Clayton, Ladue, Maplewood-Richmond Heights, Normandy, Ritenour, Pattonville, University City, Wellston and portions of Parkway. The school also serves students with autism from throughout Central and South St. Louis County.

Neuwoehner Mission

Neuwoehner High School is committed to challenge and foster high expectations for student success.

Neuwoehner Vision

Neuwoehner High School is committed to successfully transition students to adult life.

Neuwoehner Core Values

•  All learn in a safe environment
•  All people are treated with dignity
•  All seek continuous improvement
•  All are held accountable

We are a Character Education/PBIS Braided School

(Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports)

What is Character Education/PBIS?

Character Education/PBIS is a set of strategies that enables our school to:

•  Create an environment of positive behaviors
•  Reduce behavior disruptions
•  Encompass all students
•  Foster positive adult-to-student relationships
•  Create a safe learning environment 

How does Character Education/PBIS work?

Character Education/PBIS is a proactive system that includes strategies such as:

•  One common approach to behavior; one common school-wide language
•  Positively stated expectations for all settings
•  Active teaching of behavior and social skills
•  Ongoing recognition of appropriate behavior
•  Additional supports for students with more significant needs
•  Collecting and using data to make decisions 

Character Education/PBIS at Neuwoehner:

•  Our Character Education/PBIS program is called T.E.A.M. Tiger
•  T.E.A.M. stands for Together Everyone Achieves More!
•  School staff, students, and families work together to create a safe and positive environment
•  Emphasis is on developing and maintaining safe learning environments where teachers can teach and students can learn
•  Students earn T.E.A.M. Tiger tickets for using good behavior and social skills
•  Each week tickets can be used to purchase items in the school store
•  Throughout the year, students are recognized for good behaviors and social skills in additional, special activities
•  Students who need additional supports can be involved in guidance groups, peer mentoring, and other tier two groups working together to encourage leadership, citizenship, and social interactions