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SSD transition services
Transition and the IEP
College/Continued education
Daytime/Volunteer opportunities
Housing options
Skills for independent living
Recreation and leisure
Financial, medical and guardianship resources
Role of Department of Mental Health/St. Louis Regional Office

Transition tools

Checklist for the first 21 years (PDF)
Tools for students: Explore your future
SSD Transition Guidebook (PDF)
SSD Resource Directory (PDF)
Ask the transition expert
Key terms and acronyms

Transition and the IEP
A parent is the main force for accomplishing things for his or her child.
  • You represent your child as no one else can
  • You know your child better than anyone
  • You have lived with your child longer than anyone else
  • You and your child also have the most to gain by successfully transitioning or the most to lose by unsuccessfully transitioning from school to work
Because you possess this vast knowledge about your child, you also have the responsibility to provide this information to the professionals working with him or her. The most common vehicle used to share information and to plan for the future is an Individualized Education Program (IEP). At the IEP meeting, which is held at least annually, information should be shared about your child’s progress in previously determined goals, and new goals should be set. A variety of resources are available to assist you with the transition portion of the IEP.

Preparing for the transition IEP
Transition planning assessment
Futures plan
Student involvement in the IEP
The transition IEP meeting
The role of a parent in the transition process
Sample transition IEP (PDF)
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