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Role of Department of Mental Health/
St. Louis Regional Office

The Missouri Department of Mental Health offers services to Missourians through three divisions.

The Division of Developmental Disabilities provides services through the St. Louis Regional Office to individuals with developmental disabilities, such as intellectual disabilities, cerebral palsy, head injuries, autism, epilepsy and certain learning disabilities. The disability must have occurred prior to age 22 and must be likely to last indefinitely.

Services provided by the St. Louis Regional Office are voluntary and you may apply at any time during your child's life. Many families only receive service coordination assistance based upon the request and needs of the family. If, however, an unforeseen circumstance arises and services are needed, it would be important to have the eligibility determined so services can be provided in an expeditious manner. It can be critical to have service coordination in place during transition from school to adult life. St. Louis Regional Office administers Medicaid Community Support Waivers and Comprehensive Waivers that provide community and residential supports.

Establishing eligibility for services from the St. Louis Regional Office also makes individuals eligible for family, recreation and employment supports funded through the Office of Productive Living Services.

The Division of Comprehensive Psychiatric Services is responsible for assuring the availability of prevention, evaluation, treatment and rehabilitation services for individuals and families requiring public mental health services throughout the state of Missouri. BJC Behavioral Health serves as a point of entry for people eligible for mental health services funded by the Missouri Department of Mental Health. BJC Behavioral Health Services provides outpatient case management services. This service links individuals to community mental health services, coordinating the delivery of services and monitoring an individual’s progress in organized treatment to the extent needed to maintain adjustment to community living. Outpatient, aftercare, and specialized services are provided to children and adults who are seriously and emotionally ill. Other services include a telephone hotline and crisis response. To request services, call 314.729.4004. For more information, visit

The Division of Alcohol & Drug Abuse is the single state agency responsible for overseeing a statewide network of publicly-funded substance abuse prevention, treatment, and recovery support services.

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