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SSD transition services
Transition and the IEP
College/Continued education
Daytime/Volunteer opportunities
Housing options
Skills for independent living
Recreation and leisure
Financial, medical and guardianship resources
Role of Department of Mental Health/St. Louis Regional Office

Transition tools

Checklist for the first 21 years (PDF)
Tools for students: Explore your future
SSD Transition Guidebook (PDF)
SSD Resource Directory (PDF)
Ask the transition expert
Key terms and acronyms

Housing options
Choosing the right living arrangement is an important decision for any family with a child transitioning into adulthood. The choice can be even more challenging when the young adult has a disability.

The necessary supports vary from person to person. Whether the young adult chooses to live independently with limited assistance or in a more supported and supervised setting, there are several helpful resources available. Asking questions and visiting potential residences are key to making the best decision.

When determining where a young adult with a disability should live, families should consider all the options. Should the individual live independently? If so, should he or she live in a home or apartment? Will he or she require subsidized or accessible housing? If the individual cannot live independently, should he or she stay in a supported living environment with staff to assist a few hours a week or with more intensive daily staff supports? Should the young adult live with parents or other relatives? The more these questions are considered and answered, the better the likelihood of finding a successful housing solution.

Types of living arrangements

Funding sources for individuals with developmental disabilities

IEP planning for living arrangements

Residential support options

Checklist for moving to a new home

Helpful websites for community living
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