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Transition Support & Tools

Transition Planning & Developing the Transition IEP

Supports for Transition Planning

Self Determination

Guardianship, Estate Planning & Supported Decision Making

Supports for Employment

Supports for the College-Bound Student

Community Resources

Department of Mental Health

Department of Vocational Rehabilitation

Recreation Council of Greater St. Louis


Medicaid General Information


Supports for the College-Bound Student
Supports for the College-Bound Student is intended to provide information to students, families and educators as they navigate the transition from high school to college life. Topics include preparing for college starting the junior year of high school, what to expect if attempting to access supports at a college, and the differences between services received at the high school level via the IEP versus services received at the college level via Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act.

Web Learn more about section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act
PDF Checklists for the College-Bound Student St. Louis Community College Certification Programs (PDF)
The Certificates of Proficiency are for people whose intended job does not require an associate’s degree. Certificates of Proficiency normally consist of 35-47 credit-hours. They are also for those who would like additional information or skills in a particular subject area.
Video Top Five Tips for New College Students with Disabilities
This short animation brought to you by AHEAD, the Association for Higher Education Access & Disability (Ireland) gives five top tips for new college students who have a disability.
Web 25 Best Colleges for Students with Autism
Here are ten schools that provide programs for students with autism spectrum disorders that may fly under the radar for parents.

Real Work Matters (RWM)
RWM has a large database of schools with professional training, including technical schools, vocational schools, trade schools, and community colleges in all 50 states. Their database includes both on-campus and online programs.

Think College
Think College is a resource of colleges and higher education programs for students with various disabilities. Users are able to specify a disability as well as states to search.

PDF Preparing for the Access Office
Each student who wants to request accommodations in classes will need to visit the Access Office. Students will need to be prepared to advocate for their needs — by themselves.
Web FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)

Starkloff Disability Institute Preparing for College and Beyond
The Starkloff Disability Institute is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to helping people with disabilities participate fully and equally in all aspects of society.

Scholarship Opportunities
College Scholarships and Financial Aid for Students with Disabilities

FinAid: Financial Aid for Students with Disabilities


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