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Transition Support & Tools

Transition Planning & Developing the Transition IEP

Supports for Transition Planning

Self Determination

Guardianship, Estate Planning & Supported Decision Making

Supports for Employment

Supports for the College-Bound Student

Community Resources

Department of Mental Health

Department of Vocational Rehabilitation

Recreation Council of Greater St. Louis


Medicaid General Information


Department of Mental Health
The Department of Mental Health (DMH) works with a variety of people of all ages and disabilities. The work of the Department of Mental Health (also referred to as Regional Center) during the school-age years is to support families in connecting to needed resources. Resources may include needed supports for the family, respite care or equipment. Families must have an open case with DMH in order to access their services.

The work of DMH for transition-age students is to support families as they move toward the exit year from high school. Various programs and resources throughout the community, including summer camps and work programs, require an open case with DMH prior to the young adult participating.

For those students exiting school, DMH provides access to a wide range of supports through various Medicaid waivers. Supports may include a job coach for employment or funding to attend a volunteer placement.

To be eligible for DMH case management and support, individuals must be Medicaid eligible. Please visit the Medicaid website for more information on Medicaid and eligibility

PDF Missouri Department of Mental Health Application Request (PDF)

Department of Mental Health Information (PDF)
Web Missouri Department of Mental Health Website

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