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Special School District of St. Louis County

Audiology Services

The SSD Audiology Department provides services to children from birth to graduation that live in St. Louis County.

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Hearing Screenings & Evaluations

Hearing screenings and evaluations are provided for children ages birth to 21. Testing procedures are determined by the student’s age and needs. Tests could include:

  • Otoacoustic Emissions (OAEs) — A probe in the ear canal delivers auditory stimuli. The response is measured by a microphone in the probe tip, recording sounds made from outer hair cells in the cochlea.
  • Pure Tone Air & Bone Conduction Threshold Tests — Tones of various pitches are presented to determine softest audible levels for each ear.
  • Speech Detection/Reception Threshold Tests — Spondee words are presented to determine how softly speech can be heard in each ear.
  • Speech Discrimination Tests — Words are presented from a standardized list to determine how clearly speech can be heard in each ear.

Middle Ear Analysis:

  • Tympanometry and reflex testing determine the function of the middle ear mechanism.

Amplification Assessments

Include one or more of the following: hearing aids, cochlear implant, and assistive listening devices.

Amplification Recommendations:
  • Made by SSD audiologists who are current on research trends and emerging technologies.
  • Made based on the student’s hearing loss, hearing needs and available technologies.
Behavioral Assessments:
  • Aided sound field testing procedures verify real-world benefit received from the amplification devices.
  • This testing also helps determine hearing aid, assistive listening device, and other hearing technology advantages for each student.
Objective Assessments:
  • Electroacoustic analysis of hearing aids and assistive listening devices determines how well the device is functioning.
  • Real ear measurements verify the amplification is appropriate for the student, based on specific targets and hearing levels.

Possible Signs of Hearing Loss

A student may be experiencing hearing loss if he or she:

  • Asks for frequent repetitions; says “what/huh” often.
  • Turns the TV or radio volume louder than what others prefer.
  • Seems to hear better on some days than others.
  • Appears inattentive at home and/or school.
  • Watches faces when someone is talking; turns head so that one ear is facing the sound source.
  • Has delayed language or speech skills.
  • Responds to a question with an unrelated answer.
  • Has risk factors including (but not limited to):
      • Family history of hearing loss
      • Very low birth weight
      • Assisted ventilation (for more than 10 days after birth)
      • Severe jaundice after birth
      • Head trauma
      • History of ear infections
      • Known syndromes
Contact Audiology Department
  • To schedule an appointment with SSD's Audiology Department, call 314.989.8875.


    Litzsinger School

    10094 Litzsinger Road
    Ladue, MO 63124

    Hazelwood Early
    Childhood Center

    15955 New Halls Ferry Road
    Florissant, MO 63031

    SSD's Audiology Staff:


    Tara Battles, M.A., CCC/A
    Chrissy Allen, Au.D., CCC/A
    Deb Quick, Au.D., CCC/A
    Lauren McCoole, Au.D., CCC/A
    Natalie Thiele, Au.D., CCC/A
    Andrea Vinyard, Au.D., CCC/A

    School Screening Coordinator
    Lisa Messmer

    Pam Wagner

    Audiology Assistant
    Patty Benner
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