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Special School District of St. Louis County

Prop S Progress

South Technical High School
South Technical High School has been serving students since 1967. About 1,000 students participate in more than 30 programs in a wide range of technical areas.

Thanks to the passing of Proposition S, South Tech can be updated and improved. The school offers programs in traditional technical fields, such as precision machining and construction, to newer fields such as network administration and health sciences.

Replace Fire Alarms and Add Security Cameras

In summer 2013, fire alarms and security cameras were updated and installed at South Tech.

Replace Heating & Cooling

Heating and cooling systems were updated at South Tech in the summer of 2013.

Update and Improve Veterinary Technician Area
Improvements and updates were made to the Veterinary Tech building in the summer of 2013 including installing ventilation and redoing the floors.

  • 01-vet_clinic_before_1
  • 02-vet_clinic_before_3
  • 03-vet_clinic_before_4
  • 04-vet_clinic_before_5
  • 05-vet_clinic_before_11
  • 06-vet_clinic_before_13
  • 07-vet_clinic_progress_1
  • 08-vet_clinic_progress_2
  • 09-vet_clinic_progress_4
  • 10-vet_clinic_progress_12
  • 11-vet_clinic_progress_14
  • 12-vet_clinic_new_floor_2
  • 13-vet_clinic_done_1
  • 14-vet_clinic_done_3
  • 15-vet_clinic_done_4
  • 16-vet_clinic_done_5
  • 17-vet_clinic_done_7
  • 18-vet_clinic_done_13
  • 19-vet_clinic_done_14

Remodel Library
South Tech's library was gutted in the summer of 2013 and new computer stations were added.

  • 01-library_before_1
  • 02-library_before_3
  • 03-library_before_4
  • 04-library_before_7
  • 05-library_before_9
  • 06-library_before_10
  • 07-library_gutted_1
  • 08-library_gutted_2
  • 09-library_gutted_5
  • 10-library_gutted_7
  • 11-library_gutted_8
  • 12-library_gutted_9
  • 13-library_done_computer_lab_3
  • 14-library_done_computer_lab_8
  • 15-library_done_computer_lab_9
  • 16-library_done_computer_lab_10
  • 17-library_done_computer_lab_13
  • 18-library_done_computer_lab_15
SSD Fast Facts
  • Added security cameras
  • Replaced firm alarm system
  • Replacde HVAC
  • Updated and improved veterinary technician area, including installing ventilation
  • Remodeled library including new computer lab
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Special School District of St. Louis County (SSD) is a leader in providing special education services to students with disabilities and also provides a wide range of career and technical education programs.
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